Hospital Features

Our hospital aims to meet the standards of Joint Commission International for Patient Safety and Standards
  • A Rooftop Helipad provides for efficient and quick patient rescue.
  • GIH is specially designed for wheelchair accessibility so navigation is easy and nothing is out of reach for our wheelchair bound guests.
  • Fire Fighting System which includes central sprinkler system, fire resistant doors to hold fire up 2 hours and fire detection monitoring system where a fire has ignited.
  • Earthquake Resistance for up to 8 Richter Scale Two 1250 KV Electrical Generators for Electrical backup and two Central UPS System 100 % back up
  • CSSD (Central Sterile Supplies Department) The sterilization system is the latest technology and not available even in India. The system helps minimize hospital Infection by providing supplies of sterile instruments, linen packs, dressing and other sterile items used in patient care.
  • Reverse Osmosis Water Purification System.
  • Complete Waste Management and Disposal System.
  • The Wellness Center– to help promote general health and in early disease detection and early intervention.
  • Double Glazed Windows for sound and heat insulation.
  • Industrial Size Laundry
  • 5 Star Restaurant Quality Kitchen Equipment
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This is a story of a Nepalese man staying in Dubai. This video has been uploaded with his permission. #Patient Feedback #Spine Surgery #Stories That Inspire #Grande International Hospital #GIH #Care to Cure
12 April 2021

नयाँ बर्षमा ग्राण्डीको २०७८ बिशेष स्वास्थ्य परिक्षण प्याकेज अफर ।
11 April 2021