Infectious Diseases

A rare super specialty available at Grande takes care of complicated infectious diseases. The field of infectious disease includes diagnosis and management of complicated bacterial infections such as joint, heart valve (endocarditis), central nervous system and lung infections, tuberculosis, malaria, dengue, kala-azar and other parasite infections, HIV, fungal infections and evaluation of individuals with prolonged fever. With the support of the best microbiology laboratory in the country, this department has diagnosed and taken care of sophisticated infections of various sites.

In addition, Dr Trotter directs the infection control program whose goal is to decrease risk of infection while in the hospital and the antimicrobial stewardship program.  The antimicrobial stewardship program, the first in Nepal, focuses on helping to improve the way antibiotics are used in order to limit the development of drug resistant infections, improve patient care and patient safety.

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This is a story of a Nepalese man staying in Dubai. This video has been uploaded with his permission. #Patient Feedback #Spine Surgery #Stories That Inspire #Grande International Hospital #GIH #Care to Cure
12 April 2021

नयाँ बर्षमा ग्राण्डीको २०७८ बिशेष स्वास्थ्य परिक्षण प्याकेज अफर ।
11 April 2021