Dermatovenerology & Cosmetic Dermatology

This department takes care of various skin diseases and cosmetic problems. Be it acne, vitiligo or psoriasis, our team of specialists with the state of the art modern laser and phototherapy machines, treat patients for the best possible results. This department also treats sexually transmitted diseases too.

Shraddha Pradhan Gorkhali

Dr. Shraddha Pradhan Gorkhali

Consultant, Dermatalogy

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Sagar Mani Jha

Dr. Sagar Mani Jha

Consultant, Dermatalogy

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Utsav Sharma

Dr. Utsav Sharma

Consultant  Dermatologist

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Richa Tripathi

Dr. Richa Tripathi

Consultant, Dermatologist

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Anu Subedi

Dr. Anu Subedi

Consultant Dermatologist.

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This is a story of a Nepalese man staying in Dubai. This video has been uploaded with his permission. #Patient Feedback #Spine Surgery #Stories That Inspire #Grande International Hospital #GIH #Care to Cure
12 April 2021

नयाँ बर्षमा ग्राण्डीको २०७८ बिशेष स्वास्थ्य परिक्षण प्याकेज अफर ।
11 April 2021